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11th & 12th October 2017

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A series of stimulating sessions in which we’ll discuss everything from the secrets of connecting with the youngest generation of digital-native consumers to the effects of Brexit on brands and businesses over the years to come.

These free-to-attend sessions are a chance for us to share our thoughts, insights and knowledge – and invite you to share yours – on important issues relating to brand, design and innovation.

We’d like you to join us this October for as many sessions as you can.


Wednesday 11 October 2017

Keeping up with Generation Z

09:30 – 11:00 (registration 09:00)

How to get the attention of the digital-native, 13-22 year old consumer of tomorrow, and how to truly connect with them.

Generation Z will make up 40% of all consumers by 2020. Having only just developed a decent understanding of Millennials, many marketers are still in the dark about what drives Gen. Z consumers and how to talk to their needs, wants and desires. We’ll show you how to grab their attention and tell you about the morals and values - and how best to speak to them. While the emergence of Gen Z can cause a lot of uncertainty, it also represents a massive growth opportunity for brands who are truly willing to engage on a deeper level with Gen Z.

What we’ll cover:

  • Gen Z tribes - true attitudes, beliefs, aspirations and the issues they are facing
  • How to communicate your brand successfully – the ‘where’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ of communicating to the visual generation

Who should attend?

Professionals with a commercial interest in conquering the elusive Gen Z: design, insight, marketing, communications, R&D and beyond.

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11:30 – 13:00 (registration 11:00)

Ways to retain relevance, influence and customer loyalty in a world where consumers have unlimited access to goods and services

Today's consumers know they can pretty much get whatever they want, whenever they want. Companies have created an on-demand market, with services like Netflix, Uber, Deliveroo and Amazon Prime Now. But how do brands retain influence and customer loyalty when consumers have this unprecedented level of access to goods and services?

Brands are having to employ ever more sophisticated ways to earn customer loyalty and build brand equity. Limited editions, memberships and loyalty schemes are playing a key role in this battle with some surprising results and technology is playing a central role enabling this.

What we’ll cover:

  • On a product level, best in class strategies and use of channels to amplify brand engagement and relevance. On a service level, how to achieve loyalty through exclusivity
  • On a content level, the creation of exclusive online content, hype and influence. From a consumer point of view, customisation and personalisation perimeters through to becoming a part owner of the brand/ service/product

Who should attend?

All marketing professionals (insight, marketing, innovation, communications and R&D) in the B2C world who are managing complex brand portfolios and particularly those who oversee the development of limited and seasonal edition products and variants

A Feast of Future Food

13:30 – 15:30 (registration 13:00)

Influential trends that will pique consumer interest in the food and drink sector – covering the latest language, claims and ingredients Z

New fusion? New provenance? New ‘clean’? New ‘Supers’? The food trends universe: the goodies, the baddies, the ‘hot right nows’ and the passés’ become ever more unpredictable and even faster to change. In this inspiring session, we predict and report on key trends shaping food and drink today. Taking in an expansive landscape and diving deep into the latest language, claims and ingredients.

Together, we’ll explore positioning design and structural packaging themes that will pique consumer interest, create chatter factor and give greater shelf clout and pulling power to food and drink brands.

What we’ll cover:

  • The most influential trend themes and how they influence multiple food and drink categories
  • The moveable feast of brands’ visual verbal language
  • Broader category trend drivers

Who should attend?

All marketing professionals (insight, marketing, innovation, communications and R&D) operating in the food and drink sector.

Thursday 12 October 2017

Branding for Brexit 

09:30 – 11:00 (registration 09:00)

The implications of Brexit for brands and their consumers over the next two years, based on our own primary consumer research. 

With Britain set to leave the EU in March 2019, we will explore the hurdles and opportunities that we foresee affecting brands over the next two years.

We’ll look at how brands are connecting in inventive, disruptive arresting and distinctive multi-sensory ways across the entire brand universe.

What we’ll cover:We’ll discuss the implications of Brexit for brands and their consumers, supported by insights from our primary consumer research. For example: 

  • How brands and consumers will react in a time of uncertainty
  • The extent to which Britishness can be a critical decision-making factor when it comes to brand preference among consumers
  • What expectations consumers have for brands to behave differently from price point to provenance claims

Who should attend?

All marketing professionals (insight, marketing, innovation, communications and R&D) overseeing or associated with UK brands selling in the UK and abroad, and international brands operating in the UK 

Making Bolder Brand Sense

11:30 – 13:00 (registration 11:00)

Ways to connect with consumers in non-traditional, multi-sensory ways across the entire brand universe.

The theory that branding means stand-out and recognition through visual identity alone is fast becoming a thing of the past. Sound, taste, touch and aroma are often now key parts of a brand’s armoury when creating a compelling and memorable brand experience in a world of overloaded choice and time-pressured decisions.

We’ll look at how brands are connecting in inventive, disruptive arresting and distinctive multi-sensory ways across the entire brand universe.

What we’ll cover:

  • Best in class examples of holistic brand expression in state of the art multi-sensate brands
  • HWhat the digital age will mean for optimising sensorial brand expression
  • How to ensure consistency across all brand touchpoints while creating a truly sensorial brand.

Who should attend?

All marketing professionals (insight, marketing, innovation, communications and R&D) looking to better engage their consumer through enhanced brand distinction.

Shaken and Stirred - What's Next In Drinks?

13:30 – 15:00 (registration 13:00)

Key trend themes that will shape the alcoholic drinks sector and influential roots from adjacent categories.

The alcoholic drinks sector has rarely seen today’s change of pace. From new moderation to new decadence. Commercial craft to no-brand rebellion. Revived traditions to new rituals, channels and occasions. The category’s awash with hybridisation, fusion and ‘new’ rules.

In this session, we’ll share our view of key trends driving category change and consumer choice. We’ll look at positioning, presentation, product and serve and distill a provocative series of themes to inspire a broad church of drinks marketers. And in a category known for good looks and smart words, we’ll share our view on emerging semiotic themes that are capturing consumers’ hearts and minds.

What we’ll cover:

  • The most influential trend themes and how they’re influencing in and cross category
  • What’s hot in liquid, ingredient, processing and serve terms
  • Broader category trend drivers and influential roots from adjacent categories

Who should attend?

All marketing professionals (insight, marketing, communications and R&D) in the alcoholic drinks sector, on and off trade and adjacent categories who wish to learn from alcohol trends.


Rosie Brodhurst-Hooper

Senior Consultant

Rosie has been helping brands plan ahead for the last ten years, and loves to simplify through rigorous and extensive exploration.

Marc Richter


Marc loves to explore avenues, delving into business, brand and consumer drivers to create clear strategic directions for clients. He has a specialism in food and drink and knows what makes millennials tick.

David Beare

Creative Director

David is a hybrid creative director and creative strategist with a proven record of success in branded content, 360 brand activations and branded experiences.

Diane Massenet

Insight & Innovation Consultant

Diane has been working in insight and innovation for three years and has experience in futures and semiotics studies in various FMCG sectors, particularly food, soft drinks and alcohol.

Kate Waddell

Head of Insights and Innovation

Kate's expertise is in turning trends, consumer insight and commercial priorities into effective brand innovations. She’s worked across diverse categories, from healthcare to craft beer; coffee shops to cosmetics, spanning multiple markets and innovation challenges.

Sarah McDonnell

Senior Designer

Sarah has seven years' experience in design and innovation, with a particular focus on the soft drinks, alcohol and food categories. She bridges the gap between Dragon Rouge's strategy and creative departments and is key to our iterative ideation and innovation programmes.

Ant Cox

Head of Strategy

Ant's role is to help brands grow through better understanding and ownership of what makes them different, applying smarts and creativity to challenges in sectors from telecoms to tech retail, from banking to beer.

Joe Hale


As CEO of Dragon Rouge London, Joe brings clear sight, smart thinking and inexhaustible energy to projects and helps clients focus on the most effective route to achieve their goals. His passion lies in seeing great ideas take root at the heart of company culture to help deliver a consistent brand experience.

Michelle Hone


Michelle has 8 years' experience in delivering and managing brand strategy, design and insight and innovation projects. Her experience spans all FMCG sectors, alcoholic drinks, professional services, and healthcare.

Becky King

Creative Director

Becky is a strategic creative director who enjoys the challenge of building and bringing to life complex brands, across the full brand experience.

David Partington

Senior Consultant

David started his career as an advertising copywriter before turning his hand to strategy at a number of leading consultancies in both London and Amsterdam. He now takes the strategic lead across several of our major multinational accounts.


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